The Journey into Silence

letting go silence Sep 07, 2020

We can only ever take responsibility for ourselves, and what is showing up. We can't change other people, but we can always change ourselves. So what do you want? Most of the time our life is so busy, that we find it difficult to cut through the noise to hear our inspiration. 

One way to move forward is to find that place of inspiration within you, because you always innately know what is the right next step for you. But if you are like most people, you won't always hear it because you have so much clutter going on in your head. Like the list of 101 things that you feel you need we need to do today.

In this video I'm going to share with you a wonderful exercise that helps to start that journey of letting go.

You can do this with your eyes open or you can do it with your eyes closed. It doesn't matter.  Sometimes it helps to do it with your eyes closed. But you can do this when you're driving. When you're walking. So don't limit yourself to having to find time to just sit down quietly.

What we're going to do is experience some silence. That is really alien to so many of us.  We're so used to so much noise in life, whether that's physical noise like music, talking or televisions, or whether that's just the noise of media showing up on our phones.  There is so much communication, it can feel overwhelming.

But when we can learn to let go of some of that, we find that we get a greater experience of mind gaps between our thoughts. That doesn't mean to say we cut off thoughts completely, but we can find more space. And in that space allows inspiration. It allows space for new ideas, for new thinking, for understanding ourselves on a deeper level. So the way we do that, one of the great ways is through, as I said, silence.

Let go, and enjoy.


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