Taking for Granted

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2020

If you've ever felt like you have been taken for granted, you'll know it isn't necessarily a nice feeling.  You may feel that your employer is taking advantage of your kind nature to work extra time, and is plying you with more work than they should be.

Maybe, you have felt taken for granted by your family or friends.  Maybe they expect you to be there to pick up the pieces, or to do certain things for them.  You feel that they aren't taking your feelings, needs and wants into account.  You may even feel like you are just there to make them happy.

When we feel like this we can feel the lack of appreciation, and at its worst we can feel resentful.

In my book, co-authored with Clara Rose, I talk about being mindful of not only your customers, but also your employees...

When you feel appreciated it makes you feel good.  It makes you want to engage more.  You feel valued and important.

Appreciation starts with yourself.  Do you appreciate all you do, and who you are?  Do you appreciate all the things others do for you?  The little things and the big things?

When your heart is full of gratitude you feel joy for all you have, and all that is to come.

I am grateful to be part of your journey.


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