3 Ways the Change in Seasons may Affect your Emotions

With the change in our clocks you may notice that the change in seasons is having an effect upon your emotions.   Below are 3 ways this change may affect your emotions.

1. Darker Days

Getting up in the dark and finishing work in the dark can leave you with a lower feeling mood.  During this time we will have more artificial lights on, and spend more time looking at light sources, like tv's  and mobile devices.  These can blur the difference between day and night for our body, and affect our sleep patterns and the natural  body-clock of the body.

2. What You Eat

During the summer months we are naturally attracted to foods with a higher water content, like water melons, leafy greens, as they help to keep us cool. 

As the seasons change we feel more inclined to eat starchier foods like mashed potatoes.  

This change in diet can attract a little extra weight, and leave us feeling a little sluggish.  Know this is normal.

3. Holiday Season

With the change in clocks and the darker days our thoughts can turn to the approaching holiday season.

Holidays often paint a picture of a happy family time, but this isn't the case for everyone.

Family relationships can be difficult at the best of times, and this can be enhanced during the holidays.

The Positive Action you can Take

When all the above is compounded with the interesting year of Covid we have experienced you may find that the change in emotions is more pronounced.

Your wellbeing is important and you can take responsibility for it.  You don't need to leave your emotional wellbeing to chance.

  1.  Take yourself out for a walk during the day.  Even if you only have a 30 minute lunch break, take yourself outside, especially if it is sunny.
  2. Practice mindfulness.  Place your awareness on the movement of your body, of the sounds and sights around you. 
  3. Check in to your inner critic.  Lovingly change negative thoughts to more life affirming ones.
  4. Practice heart focused breathing whilst thinking of things to feel grateful for.
  5. Reach out and ask for support.  We all need support and some time or other.  It shows strength to be open to see things differently.  You can find out more about having a conversation with me at  https://www.whyfollowtheherd.com/the-coaching-discovery-call

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